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Press Release: Mustang Vodka, LLC
The First Vodka Ever to Be Sold Exclusively Online

Mustang Vodka, LLC announced the new way it will be selling Silver Mustang Vodka. Starting March 17, 2009, Silver Mustang will be the first ultra-premium vodka in the history of the beverage industry to be available exclusively through the Internet. HR Superior, Inc., based in Chicago, IL, launched http://www.SPIRITS24H.com as the exclusive retailer for the U.S. market for this brand.

Silver Mustang -- made from the finest hand-selected organically grown grains, artesian water, no chemical additives, and distilled five times for exceptionally smooth taste -- captures both the exclusive quality of pure vodka and the living symbol of America's free spirit.

The composition of natural ingredients coupled with a unique recipe and innovative distilling techniques make for an unequaled 40% alc. ultra-premium product.

Silver Mustang is crafted in the remote region of eastern Poland, the heavily forested and pristine area free of industrious centers where agriculture and distilling methods have remained unchanged for centuries. Its quality has been recognized by the Beverage Tasting Institute. According to the BTI -- International Review of Spirits Award 2007, Silver Mustang comes "highly recommended" and is "... very smooth, polished, and flavorful, will make an excellent martini."

Consumers can make their selection at http://www.SPIRITS24H.com between 0.75 l and 1.75 l bottles.

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