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Island Travel & Tasting Tour -- Anguilla
A Review of Island Cuisine, Cocktails and Luxury Resorts
By Stephen Gilberg

In this issue of the Island Travel & Tasting Tour, we feature the secluded island of Anguilla. As with each island tour, we review the spirit brand for which the island is known as well as one of the most luxurious places to stay. In addition, we feature some of the local restaurants in order to give our readers a taste of what they can expect to experience. Ready to join the travel and tasting tour?


There are many people who have never been to Anguilla. But of those who have, few people have been to Anguilla only once. The island is simply magical and you instantly form a special bond with it.

Anguilla, BWI is an English independent territory in the northeast corner of the Caribbean. Its greatest asset is its 11,000 industrious, conscientious, fun-loving, and welcoming people. With tourism as their largest industry, Anguillians are committed to showing you their beautiful island with pride and hospitality.

What Anguilla lacks in size, it more than makes up for in its much sought after Caribbean asset – pristine, powdery beaches. The island is long and thin, creating an endless shoreline of over 30 of the world's most beautiful beaches. Many are over 1½ miles long – and not one has a high-rise. Some are entirely unoccupied while others have beach bars or spectacular private villas. The waters off of these beaches are equally spectacular. Boasting 12 miles of white coral coastline, Anguilla is a snorkeler's and scuba diver’s paradise. The weather is warm but always breezy. The winds come from the east and keep you cool during the day.

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By Ian Foster

The best operators have long recognized the tremendous profits that can be generated by putting all their marketing resources into promoting one unique product that they have developed.

At the Hyatt Regency Kauai, it is the Poipu Passion; at the Cactus Club in Vancouver, it’s the Bellini; in downtown San Diego, the Bitter End has their Black Martini. And walk in to any large chain restaurant, from Appleebee’s to TGIFriday’s, and you will see the staff pushing the restaurant’s own blended frozen Margarita or other specialty.

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5 Easy Steps
By Chuck Fresh

Most normal folks are inherently lazy and incredibly boring. The reason why they watch TV and movies is to achieve the kind of stimulation that the real world, including most bars, just can’t provide. This may explain why people have shifted their disposable income to different types of entertainment and away from our bars. We know how to solve these problems and bring these lazy folks back, and we’re going to share this information with you this month in a five-step plan that you can implement immediately.

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A Career Behind the Bar

By Gary & Mardee Regan

There’s nothing quite like holding court from behind a couple of feet of mahogany, and in fact, Gary still tends bar once a year for a charitable function at our local bar and restaurant, Painter’s Tavern. It’s a great gig since he doesn’t have to do any of the setup or break down--he just shows up, makes drinks, gossips with the customers, and is home before midnight.

In the movie Into the Spirit, though, actress Jeannie Berlin who plays Crystal, a hooker, seems to have some odd ideas about her potential as a bartender. One scene shows her having dinner with friends and explaining that she needs just $500 so she can go to school—bartender’s school. She says that she went to acting school but that just led to a few parts in porno movies and goes on to say “I want to do something with more security, more respectability, and less narcissism, so I think bartending is a good place to start.”

HappyHours.com Single Malt Tasting

By HappyHours Staff

Single malt scotches are distinguished by four regions of origin in Scotland; Lowlands, Highlands, Islay, and Campbeltown. HappyHours.com recently sampled a few of the best. Here is what we discovered.

Highlands: The majority of single malts come from the Scottish Highlands. "Speyside" malts are produced in the region bordering the river Spey.

Glenlivet, 18 year old - Deep gold color, firm and smooth bodied, flowery and sweet on the front of the palate, with peach and nutty notes and a very long dry finish with a balance of sweet and bitter flavors.

Macallan, 18 year old - Beautiful amber color, full bodied with an aroma of sherry and spices tinged with smokiness. Rich and oaky flavor with currant notes, and a strong sherry finish. One of my favorite malts.

Aberlour, 18 year old - Another of my favorites, with a lingering smoothness and a complex harmony of flavors. Matured only in sherry wood, the whisky develops rich deep flavors of smoke, ripe fruit and honey-like notes that mingle with a touch of cinnamon and perhaps ginger. The finish is sweet with oak overtones.

Lowlands: Glenkinchie, 10 year old - Gold color, sweet grassy nose. Medium in body with a clean flavor and gentle warming finish. A peaty dryness in the finish. A light malt, excellent as a restorative.

Islay: Laphroaig, 15 year old - Pale amber and dry up front with an oily feel in the middle palate. Probably one of the most distinctive single malts with a very intense peaty flavor and a long, warming finish. Some find it almost "medicinal" in the finish.

Campbeltown: Glen Scotia, 14 year old - Gold in color with a briny and aromatic bouquet. An oily-smooth mouthfeel. Its complex flavor profile balances maltiness, oiliness and saltiness with a nicely. The finish is long and lingering.

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