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Press Release: 21st Century Spirits
American Vodka Producer Blue Ice Extends Premium Boutique Portfolio With the Launch of New Organic Wheat Vodka

Blue Ice Vodka, acclaimed for its exceptionally smooth taste and technologically advanced distillation methods using Idaho Russet Potatoes, announces the inception of Blue Ice Organic Wheat Vodka, the American brand's first line extension since its introduction to the market in 2001. A highly anticipated complement to Blue Ice's hallmark potato vodka, Blue Ice Organic Wheat Vodka continues the tradition of founder Jim Myerson's commitment to producing premium spirits reflective of the quality and purity of Idaho's natural resources.

Handcrafted and quality assured as a kosher and USDA Certified Organic beverage, Blue Ice Organic Wheat Vodka features a harmonious blend of pristine Idaho water and locally harvested, certified organic winter wheat. Distilled by Master Distiller Bill Scott through a proprietary certified organic fermentation process that uses no chemical additives of any kind, the result is an award-winning taste described by the Beverage Testing Institute (BTI) as, "smooth, lively and lightly spicy." Of those spirits tasted and recommended by the BTI, Blue Ice Organic Wheat Vodka currently stands as the highest rated Certified Organic vodka across all price points, both internationally and nationally, with a BTI score of 94 points.

"In a crowded market inundated with fly-by-night brands, here today, gone tomorrow, Blue Ice has successfully circumvented this fate by focusing on the fundamental priorities of today's modern-day consumer," said Kevin Egan, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for 21st Century Spirits. "Quality, affordability and social responsibility are just a few of the many influences that have shaped the rise and evolution of the Blue Ice brand. The continued success of Blue Ice Vodka's flagship potato vodka has parlayed into the birth of Blue Ice Organic Wheat Vodka, the next natural progression in this family-owned operation's devotion to bottling exceptional American vodkas."

As a USDA Certified Organic product, Blue Ice Organic Wheat Vodka bears the highest legal benchmark of purity that a beverage can receive. This guarantee ensures a commitment to environmentally sound farming void of chemical pesticides or harsh fertilizers and the absence of chemical additives or other possible taste-altering agents. Combined with a fresh harvest of hand-selected winter wheat and the seasoned palate of Blue Ice's veteran Master Distiller Bill Scott, the new spirit imparts a smooth body and a crisp, refreshing finish designed to please the discriminating vodka connoisseur.

Blue Ice Organic Wheat Vodka will retail for $30 USD and will be available for national distribution in March 2009. Blue Ice Vodka is owned by 21st Century Spirits based in Los Angeles, California.

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