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Press Release: Bravado Imports
Quay Vodka, an Imported Luxury Mediterranean Spirit, Docks in America

American vodka connoisseurs will soon be able to enjoy a French-made vodka that evokes the simple elegance of the Mediterranean region of Europe: southern France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece. Bravado Imports is introducing Quay Vodka (http://www.quayvodka.com), an ultra-premium, artisan-crafted Mediterranean spirit, to select U.S. markets.

During a personal trip to Europe, the president of Bravado Imports, Dave Sheckart, realized that the region had several top-quality spirits that were not known to American consumers. "I've been in the wine and spirits industry for 10 years," he said. "I felt we needed to alert people that there's more to Europe than Chiantis, Cognacs and French wines. This will be the only Mediterranean vodka that I am aware of in the United States."

Quay Vodka is the culmination of Sheckart's five-year search for the best European ingredients and blending techniques. The classification "artisan crafted" denotes the meticulous, hands-on approach taken in its creation. "Quay Vodka is made by a master distiller and in smaller quantities than most vodkas," explained Sheckart. "The resulting attention to detail makes for a finer spirit, and Quay has all the qualities you look for in a fine spirit: ultra smoothness, complexity, that round-the-mouth feel and a flawless finish."

The 80 proof spirit also serves as a culinary vodka, an emerging trend in the industry, because it is crafted using quality European wheat as well as a touch of hand-selected rye to impart a rounded flavor with a note of sweetness. "The blend of rye and wheat is unusual and part of the artisanal approach that makes this spirit so distinctive," said Sheckart.

"The Quay Vodka brand reflects the culture and refinement of the Mediterranean region via its bottle, culinary character and refined taste," continued Sheckart. "It's a step up from other premium brands, so we're targeting consumers who want the finer things in life and are not shy about showing themselves to be people with style, class and good taste." Both the vodka and its bottle are crafted to venerate the Mediterranean and inspire feelings of luxury and culture. Also, in keeping with its name, Quay's towering bottle features a nautical blue color reminiscent of the Mediterranean waters.

In addition to drinking it neat, Sheckart recommends Quay Vodka for cocktails such as cosmopolitans, dark berry-infused cocktails and mixed drinks that include citrus fruits such as blood oranges. "Bravado Imports is dedicated to the finest wines and spirits the Mediterranean has to offer," he said. "We believe that Quay is an exciting new choice that people will tell friends about and request again and again."

Quay Vodka will be available in the Pennsylvania market in April 2009 and will broaden to other select U.S. markets from there. Bravado Imports also plans to introduce flavored vodkas in the future.

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