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By Robert Plotkin

Honestly, wouldn’t you rather be somewhere else right now? Someplace intriguing, like Martinique, Jamaica or on the beaches of Barbados? Perhaps lounging about in Nassau or soaking up the rays in Aruba? The allure of the islands is nearly irresistible and a perfect tonic for those of us who long to escape the day-to-day. It’s why Gauguin ran off to Tahiti.

"We all daydream about soaking up the sun on a beach in the Caribbean, but sipping a premium rum allows you to experience an island adventure regardless of where you are," said Emma Medina, Brand Manager, Cruzan Rum.  "Rum truly embodies the Caribbean - from the exotic places where it's created to its rich and robust natural flavor.  It's no surprise that rum is gaining popularity as Americans refine their palate and realize its versatility.

Añejo rums are poised to be the next megatrend in the beverage business. Smooth and luxurious, aged rums have more in common with a cognac or sherry than they do with their unaged counterparts. They are elegant, sophisticated spirits best appreciated in a brandy snifter.

“We’re seeing a change in drinking patterns in our hotels outlets nationwide. Sipping añejo rums has clicked in a big way,” observes Al Ferrone, director of food and beverage for Promus Hotels. “There has been in an influx of absolutely intriguing rums in the past year or so. They’re packaged beautifully, inviting people to drink them straight. Connoisseur consumerism has definitely found a new preoccupation.”

One marketing advantage aged rums enjoy over other spirits, such as brandy or single malt scotch, is that it is relatively inexpensive. Appleton Estate Extra, which is aged in wood for twelve years, wholesales for about $20 per 750ml. Compared to most twelve-year-old spirits, that’s a considerable bargain.

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By Robert Plotkin

After 200 years, whiskies from the state of Kentucky are on the charts with a bullet. In fact, bourbon has become something of a phenomenon in nightclub and bars. Being tagged as a “good bourbon bar” is like getting a triple-A rating from Standard and Poor. You’re likely looking at a bright financial future.

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Industry News

Hey, Bud, Let's Mingle In America, beer is aloof, the loner lurking at the edges of the bottled playground behind the bar. While the spirits happily mix and mingle, beer prefers the unadulterated solitude of a 16-ounce glass. As the gastronome André Simon said of oysters, "A squeeze of lemon is said to be permissible, but it is the thin end of the edge of heresy." Click here for more.

Mix Mastery Amanatee walks into a bar and asks for the house specialty. The bartender serves him a pineapple-sage daiquiri. "That'll be $16," he says. "You know, we don't get many manatees in this bar." The manatee replies, "At $16 a pop, that's not hard to understand." Click here for more.

Drink the Bouquet If you're looking for the next zeitgeist-in-a-glass, skip the fruity martinis and lo-carb coolers. The latest in potables is a garden party cocktail with floral flavours. Click here for more.

How the Margarita Got its Name Was there a Margarita behind the Margarita? Of course. But contrary to what you may have imagined, this woman was not a Mexican beauty, but instead a fledgling Hollywood starlet. Click here for more.

Keeping bloody Marys in proportion There's nothing like a great bloody Mary. Tangy and spicy, earthy and rich, refreshing yet deeply satisfying, there's a reason the drink endures as a classic. Click here for more.

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